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From 1928
Mussons Vins was born with the inheritance of more than 80 years of family tradition. In 1928 Jaume Mussons i LLopart started to sell wine by liter. The business grows in their son hands, Jaume Mussons i Estebanell, in 1964 they started to bottle wine with the brands of Mussons and Scala Dei.
In 1973 Jaume Mussons Estebanell creates the Bodegas Scala Dei society, with Scala Dei, Cartuja and Gebrada brands. The label was designed and signed by the prestigious painter Grau Garriga.
In 1991 Jaume F. Mussons i Carvajal (grandson of the founder) and his wife Teresa MĒ Argemi, started the vineyard cultivation in Poboleda, a town in Priorat's heart. In 2009 they refounded the company with the name of Mussons Vins.

In 2010 Mussons opened their own wine cellar in Sabadell City. We can find their own wine variety and also a wide range of references from other Denominacion de origen (guarantee of origin and quality). In the wine cellar they also make tasting classes to enjoy the wine secrets by a professional hand as Mussons Vins.

Mussons Vins was born with the inheritance of the passion for the vineyard, the respect for the wine and the Priorat's roots, transferring these values to the wines.
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