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Mussons Red 2008
Composition: It's a potent wine, with a pronounced Priorat profile; the variety composition is dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon (40%) and Syrah (20%), which provides body and structure. The 40% remaining is Black Garnacha, which supply softness and volume and makes the wine equilibrate and round.

Aging process: Aging of 15 months in French and American oak barrels. The barrels are new and also from second year.
Alcohol content: 14,5 %

How to enjoy it:

Combination: This wine is ideal to accompany grilled red meat and also a good stew of game.

Optimal service temperature: between 16 º and 18 º C
To consume now or hold until 2018
Notes of Tasting

View: Dark cherry color, with orange trim, bright, and a touch of violet.

Nose: Aromas of red fruit with mineral notes and a spice hint from American oak. It has a great evolution in the glass, increasing its complexity.

Mouth: Powerful begin and smooth evolution, very tasty, meaty, and well-structured and round. With a good mix of ripe fruit flavors and a touch of acidity, that makes it long and persistent. It has intense tannins but velvety and smooth aftertaste.
4.000 bottles of 75 cl.
Mussons White 2009
Composition: Elaborated with Macabeo and white Garnacha.

Aging process: 2 months in new American oak barrels.
Alcohol content: 13.5%

How to enjoy it:

Marriage: It is especially suitable with a stewed or baked fish, but it can also accompany perfectly a seafood or meat, squid stuffed with meat or chicken with crayfish. It's also ideal for all the cheeses, but especially for the mature cheese.

Optimal service Temperature: between 7 º C and 9 º C
Notes of Tasting

View: Pale yellow color with a green touch, shiny and oily in the glass, cause tears with the agitation.

Nose: It's a good mix of complex flavors; basically fruity from the grapes and also subtle aromas of wood, which gives volume and elegance.

Mouth: The entry is soft with a slightly acidic evolution, quickly appears the smooth and the body, due to its high alcohol content, which makes a full wine, structured and round.
600 bottles of 75 cl.
Cava Brut Nature
Composition: Manufactured with Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel.lo.

Cava Aging: 20 months.
Alcohol content: 11.5%

How to enjoy it:

Marriage: From deserts to fish, meat or salads. It accompanies especially well pâtés, rice, and smoked products.

Optimal service Temperature: between 5 º C and 6 º C
Tasting Notes

Views: Pale yellow color with green shades. It has small and fine bubbles.

Nose: Touches of Fresh citrus, intense and lively with ripe fruit, fresh grass and yeast funds.

Taste: This product is easy to taste, it's fresh, dry, silky and balanced. It has an elegant and sharp evolution, and a lingering after-taste.
7.000 bottles of 75 cl.
Composition: Vermouth is made from white wine, from experimental vineyards of Can Gambús located at Agricultural Park in Sabadell and flavored with natural herbs, many of them common in the forests of Vallès.

Alcohol content: 15%

How to enjoy it:

It should be taken very cold, with ice and a slice of orange and served in a glass with narrow base and wide mouth to not concentrate too much aroma.

Appetizers: This Vermouth is an ideal accompaniment to selected appetizers as olives, cheeses, anchovies, sausage, tapas or entrees.
Optimal service Temperature: between -1 º C and 3 º C
Tasting Notes

Views: Notes of red ocher, bright, dense and oily on the glass.

Nose: TLarge-scale aromatic, rich but subtle. Notable features of Donzell and Artemis and aromatic plants typical of the region. Evolves in the glass by increasing its complexity.

Taste: Soft input, sweet and slightly bitter with an evolution, is tasty and full, well structured and round. Flavors spaced, making it long and persistent. The aftertaste is mild and pleasant.
800 bottles of 75 cl.
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