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Mussons Vins vineyards are in Poboleda, cradle of historic Priorat. The hands of our ancestors worked the land with the construction of dry stone margins and with the cultivation of the first vineyards, which years later would end up with an international recognition, the DO Priorat.

Mussons vineyards are on land of volcanic origin, thanks to its unique composition, it's easy to retain the sun's heat. The vineyards enjoy a mild and dry climate, with marked fluctuations between day and night. Our land has low fertility and farming is difficult, but they give us charged wines with personality and very rich in sensations.
Our wine, our varieties
Red Grenache
One of the main varieties PRIORAT along with Samson. Is the Mediterranean variety most widely grown in the world, both in Spain and in France, Italy and in California.

To be widespread throughout the world is one of the varieties of grapes with more synonyms.

It is a third period variety, and gives a high output. It is resistant to drought and cold. Grapes and berries are medium size and compact, oval, and dark red color, almost purple.

This variety produces balanced wine, in Priorat the Grenache red wine can have up to 15 º or 16 º of alcohol. It has little color, with body and moderate acidity. It has primary aromas of candied fruit and spices. On the palate is fleshy. It combines well with other varieties as Samson, Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah.

It is also widely used in the manufacture of mistelles include natural sweet wines Grenache of Empordà, AOC Banyuls Grand Cru and the Grenache Priorat's mistelles.
Hairy Grenache
Also called hairy hackberry, gray hackberry or gray Grenache, is a black grape variety produced by the mutation of the black Grenache.

It produces clusters of medium size and compact. The grain is oval, medium, thick skin and covered with a down from which it takes its name. Is a third time variety, the outbreak is early and ripens in late September and early October. It grown as recommended variety in the DOQ Priorat.

Hairy Grenache Wines are high quality and are basically used to complement other wines in the mix because it has high alcohol content, and it provides fruity aromas and gives lots of color.
One of the main varieties in PRIORAT jointly with Grenache. This variety is typical of the semi-arid areas in Catalonia and Aragon. The grape is compact, medium grit, round and it has blue and black color, it has also plenty of juice and a sweet taste. It has good drought resistance. This variety matures at Third age, its slow sprouting and therefore not affected by spring frosts, and cannot tolerate moisture well.

The name Samson comes from French Cinsaut. It grows around the Mediterranean between the Rhône and the Ebro. It is a traditional variety of unknown ancient origin.

It has been successfully transplanted in South Africa where it is called Hermitage.

The Samson grape varies widely depending on the productivity of the vineyards. In equilibrated productions Samson produces wines with good pigment, astringents and with a consistent end, it has also delicate and elegant aromas. They are very fine wines in the palatable, and they have strong-flavors of fruit and dried plum. It is mainly used in racking with Grenache, to produce light red wines providing softness and harmony, but in many cases it has enough personality to be the main variety of the blend. The large amount of tannins makes it suitable for aging. This variety produces very elegant and silky wines when it comes from old vines.
Cabernet Sauvignon
It is one of the great varieties of French origin, is one of the typical wines of Bordeaux. It is ideal for aging wines; it has a bright color, strong tannins and a penetrating aroma of violets and berries. This variety is perfectly adapted in the Priorat

Is a variety of second period, sprouting is medium late. The wines are characterized by providing consistency and longevity; there are a number of environmental features that characterize the outcome such as soil composition and climate.

It is grown mainly in gravel soils (Graves, Medoc where it originates), which is why it has adapted so well in the Priorat, this makes the wines agile and simple. The berries of this variety are small and round, with a pretty tough skin. The flesh is hard and crunchy and it has a deep black pigmentation, is has astringent taste and aromas remains to wild flowers and especially violets.

The tannins are sober, elegant and dens. The wines produced from this variety are vigorous, rich in aromas and with fine perfume. Wines are well structured, complex, with intense fruit flavors. They have an intense and deep color that makes it an ideal wine for aging. His upbringing is not complex and the resulting wines are tannic in youth, but over time, take floral aromas, of fruit and vegetables that become more complex with aging.

When we combine it with other varieties (Grenache and Syrah), the result is wines of extraordinary quality and taste.
It is one of the great varieties that produce high quality wines jointly with Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, the best wines are at the same height as the best Burgundies (Pinot Noir) and Bordeaux (Cabernet Sauvignon).

It is a grape variety associated with two key places: the region of the Rhone Valley, France, where it is also known as Hermitage and the Australian land. In both locations are opulent red wines, strong and full bodied, lots of tannins and coloring matter, it is characterized for the aroma of violets, it has a great capacity for aging.

The Syrah is seated well in granitic soils, pebbles and even clay-limestone.

This variety is difficult to elaborate due to its rich aroma and tannins, but the result is worth it. The elegant wines of the Rhone flavors ranging from minerals and smoked Hermitage, they have dark purple color and violet aromas.

In Priorat, is fairly well established and is an ideal complement to blends of Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon.
White Grenache
It's a variety of white vine (Vitis vinifera). It is widespread throughout Spain, being particularly abundant in Tarragona and Aragon.

Is a variety of third period, has clusters of medium size and compact. The berries are medium size, round and greenish-yellow. Has traditionally been used alone or mixed with Macabeo and Pedro Ximénez.

It produces wines of great body and a lot of alcohol, straw colored, with floral and fruity aromas. In the Priorat it has been one of the main white varieties, used mainly for developing Mistelas with Macabeo and Pedro Ximenez.

Currently there is very little production Priorat but provides dry white wines of high quality, rich aroma and full body.
Also called Viura and Alcanols. Widely grown in the Penedes, in Tarragona, in Ebro River, and also in the Conca de Barbera.

The grapes are golden yellow, round, and medium to large size. This variety has thin skin and white flesh.

It is vigorous and with great production on fertile and lush soils. It's sensitive to cold and moisture, is prone to attack by botrytis (rot), and in general is sensitive to fungal diseases. The quality is strongly influenced by the excess production. It's a variety.

It produces quality wines, fruity, light, balanced and with very fine aroma, they are mellow and elegant (apples, peaches with notes of wheat flour). In areas as Penedes they produce light wines with half alcohol content (10-11 º). It is used for white wines, dry table until one of the varieties produced cava.

In PRIORAT this wine can have more than 14° and produces light and fine wines. It is ideal to combine with white Grenache because it provides more acidity and freshness.
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