In the heart of the Priorat, beside the river Siurana, with the Montsant massif as a backdrop. The vineyards stand on slate hillsides reached by winding tracks. The Priorat landscape is hard and austere, but at the same time magical and surprising. Perhaps this is what attracted the monks of Scala Dei to found their monastery in this mystical setting.



In the 12th century the Carthusian monks brought their wine-growing knowledge and techniques from Provence. Since then villages have sprung up beneath the Montsant massif among hillsides and stream beds, passing the wine-growing tradition down to us. Out of this tradition and these villages the DOQ wine designation was born, taking in the villages of Bellmunt del Priorat, Gratallops, el Lloar, la Morera de Montsant, Porrera, Poboleda, Scala Dei, Torroja del Priorat, la Vilella Alta and la Vilella Baixa, plus the areas of Masos de Falset and Solanes del Molar. Throughout the year, these villages hold a range of festivities and other activities related to the world of wine and wine-growing. You can find information about these activities at



This unique, captivating landscape is made up of huge blocks of bare rock, gulleys, cliffs and gorges. For many centuries the people of the Priorat and Montsant have created paths to climb and cross it. Now you can discover all these places thanks to a network of footpaths run by the Parc Natural de la Serra del Montsant.



Poboleda stands on one side of the river Siurana, close to the Montsant massif and the ruins of the Carthusian monastery of Scala Dei. Founded around 1170, partly by hermits from the Montsant, this became the monastic community of Scala Dei. Beside the river in Poboleda you can find the 18th-century Molí dels Frares (Friars’ Mill), formerly owned by the monastery. You can also find the Casa dels Frares (Friars’ House) and the 18th-century church of Sant Pere (St. Peter). Poboleda celebrates its patron saints, Peter and Dominic, on 4th, 5th and 6th August. The Poboleda Vines wine event is organised at Easter Week, including all the wineries in the village. The second Saturday in September see the Festa del Vi i la Verema a l’Antiga, a wine fair and celebration of the traditional grape harvest.



Throughout the year, these villages hold various festivals and activities related to the world of wine and viticulture.

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